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We have been accredited with prestigious International School Award, 2016-19 by British Council Nepal on 27th August,'17. Sharing this glorious moment with our parents, staffs, students & well-wishers.
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At NMCAL we encourage our students to develop their overall dimension.
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Introduction to Microbiology programme

The M. Sc. Microbiology programme was started at Tribhuvan University in 1990 for the first time in Nepal at the Central Department of Microbiology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. The course structure of the programme was changed in 1999 and revised in 2008 and 2009. However, the course was based on the annual examination system. The course structure of the programme was changed into semester system in 2013.Therefore, this is a revised semester system credit based course curriculum to make it more competitive and research oriented.


The profession of Pharmacy in Nepal is highly valued and service oriented. This subject provides substantial education in the disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences (both clinical and industrial setti..


To produce orientated managers, quality controller, formulators of drug, researcher and administrator in pharmaceutical health care profession at affordable cost.To enable students to make use of adva..


Your degree in Medical Biochemistry will give you a firm grounding in modern biochemistry, covering a broad range of topics with particular emphasis on how the subject relates to medicine and health i..
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9 Kartik
Chhat Parb
9 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 9 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
10 Kartik
Collage competition (junior)
10 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 10 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
17 Kartik
Carrom Competition (Senior)
17 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 17 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
24 Kartik
Carrom Competition (junior)
24 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 24 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
25 Kartik
25 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 25 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
26 Kartik
26 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 26 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM